COVID-19 Information

We are fully aware of all necessary health and safety measures. Based on WHO and Federal Government recommendations, we have revisited and improved our health safety protocols & guidelines, including re-training our employees to put into place best practices to limit the spread of Covid-19.

New preventive safety measures for our production kitchen and for Home and Office deliveries:

To limit the risk of spread of Covid-19, ALL La Boite du Chef deliveries will be contact-free.

Our employees sanitize their hands 10 minutes prior to entering the kitchen. At all time, they must also wear nitrile plastic gloves when handling food and kitchen materials.

Our employees and customers are our top priority and we take every safety precaution to ensure their safety. In these difficult and uncertain times, we are dedicated to keeping our employees and customers well-informed and provide any support necessary.

We have increased the frequency with which we clean our kitchen and disinfect ALL materials and production facilities.

We provide everyone who enters our facilities with antiviral products and PPE, such as hand sanitizers and face masks.

Our employees have understood and fully implemented the health safety measures announced by Health Canada, The Gouvernement du Quebec, and WHO.

Our executive management team meets regularly to assess the level of risk associated with COVID- 19 and share this information with our employees and customers.

Health & Safety Measures for All Employees in our Kitchen Facility:

·         Must Wear Latex or Nitrile Gloves

·         Must Wear Polypropylene Shoe Covers

·         Must Wear Nylon hair net.

·         Must Rinse shoes in Sanitizing Footbath Mat prior to entering the kitchen

·         Kitchen and production facilities are to be washed using a 3 step process (wash, rinse, sanitize) on all surfaces before each new food preparation, including walls, floors, ceiling, and all equipment.

·         Must Wear Nylon beard net.

·         Must Wear Surgical Mask

·         Must Wear Full Lab Coat

·         Required to wash your hands with hot water and soap every 30 minutes and once per hour with hand sanitizer.

·         Professional Cleaners have been hired to disinfect all areas of the facility on a daily basis.

·         Our Kitchen Facility is now open 24 hours, to spread out the work shifts and maintain social distancing for our kitchen staff.