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* Les menus sont sujets à des changements sans préavis en raison des évènements.

* Les photos sont non contractuelles seulement à titre de suggestion de présentation.

Available for delivery from January 5, 2022

The full meal box
For 2 people
And for the whole family

It's 20 different products
40 servings of meals
2 cider bottles or 1 bottle of wine

Delivered at home

The Boxing Day cabinet is a mystery box

Your menus of the week for 2 people at the care of the chef!
* All dishes presented are in our à la carte products

- 5 gourmet entrances (5x500g)
- 5 resistance dishes (5x500g)
- 5 Accompaniments (5x500g)
- 5 different desserts (10 servings)
2 cider bottles or 1 bottle of surprise wine selected by our sommelière
(depending on the arrival)

20 different products Either 40 servings of meals
Enjoy a saving of -60%
Start the year without chore cooking
and share with your loved ones